About Us
HSINCHI-SHUNFENG TRADING CO., LTD. (HCSF for short) was established in 1991 and is well-known for its professional services, such as “Wire Rope Customized Processing” and “Marine Stores Supply”. It is approved by Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2001 for establishment of manufacturing factory after years of effort and application. The factory is located at Siaogang Kaohsiung covering an area of more than a thousand square meters and close to Kaohsiung International Airport and Kaohsiung Ports, its geographical advantages has certainly advanced us in both import and export, providing a quicker and more efficient process. With the trend of market diversification, the company has also started to participate in the procurements of government agencies and internet marketing promotions. Under the lead of the founder and chairman of the board, Sam Su, we will continue to adhere to the Company’s principle of “Hearty Care, Safety First“ in reaching towards the goal of diverse developments.

In the area of Wire Rope Processing Manufacture, our company has Hydraulic Swaging Machine, Recoiling Machine, Hydraulic Cutting Machine and other professional equipments to provide customers with different requirements of Ferrule Clamping, Hand Splice, Cutting and Recoiling and other customized services. Under the lead of chairman with forty years of experiences, from order processing to shipments, any step and every detail is treated to the most stringent standards to ensure consistent quality of products.

Our company has gained the permission from Port Authority of the Ministry to supply marine stores and other related business services. Marine commodities include a wide range of products ranging from small items as daily necessities to big items as mechanical equipments, cable, hardware etc. HCSF not only offers the products with superior quality and competitive prices, but also we can quickly meet every customer’s demands! The factory in Kaohsiung covers a broad area with plenty of inventory and close to Kaohsiung International Airport and Kaohsiung Port, this location certainly becomes a geographical advantage. By great teamwork and standard operating procedures, it takes only one working day to complete from receiving order, declaring the goods at customs to dispatch and delivery. We believe that through our rich experiences, we can always offer more than what customers can expect.